Our Linnens Mallorca

The story of the Majorcan linens spans through two different continents, and tells the tale of an island that has throughout history benefited from its position, acting as a meeting place of different cultures and traditions. This characteristic method, said to have developed independently in different regions of Asia like Indonesia and Northern India, was shared along the Silk Road and in the 15th Century arrived in Majorca.

Majorca’s insularity and the personality and drive of its artisans have led to the development of a truly original style. The process is beautiful as well as very laborious. The cotton and linen are dyed by hand, with some parts being left uncolored, and then dried out in the sun. They are then placed in the weaving loom, where the “tongues” of color create beautiful abstract patterns. 

To us, this collection represents not only the skill and creativity of our artisans but also a story about the meeting of civilizations, the spread of ancient arts, and how we are all connected by a similar search for beauty. We can only hope this collection will bear witness to the emotions that you share across the dining table, that these will be used to wipe tears of laughter or the subtle remains of delicious meals.