Casa Maricruz was established in 2021 by María Estrada, Antón Álvarez, and Álvaro Santos. This initiative aims to preserve traditional craftsmanship and combat mass consumerism.
María Estrada is a seasoned journalist with extensive experience in the cultural sector. After working for various Spanish media outlets, she moved to Los Angeles in 2014, where she delved into craftsmanship with the brand Pomelo Casa. In 2020, she returned to Spain to co-found Casa Maricruz, which she describes as a craft activism movement that strives to halt the decline of traditional craftsmanship and preserve it for future generations.
Antón Álvarez, known artistically as C. Tangana, is a highly regarded Spanish musician with an extensive international career. His strong connection to traditional Spanish culture, showcased in his latest album "El Madrileño," aligns perfectly with Casa Maricruz's vision. Through a fusion of traditional and contemporary elements, Álvarez emphasizes the importance of preserving traditional culture while embracing modernity.
Álvaro Santos is a Spanish filmmaker with vast experience in audiovisual production. He has served as a creative director at the international agency KPB and is currently one of the co-founders of the production company Little Spain, which underscores the significance of traditional culture in contemporary contexts.


Casa Maricruz is an intertwined with the cultural identity of Spain and bridge between new generations and a national network of artisans that tries to stay afloat in a market that challenges its traditional principles.
We enhace a constant dialogue between tradition and contemporaneity, and a platform that elevates and vindicates craftsmanship as a way of life, as aesthetics, as ethics and as part of the answers to many of today’s great challenges.
At Our Casa, we are delighted to showcase our exquisite collection of handmade Spanish traditional ceramics, glassware, wood, candles and linens. Immerse yourself in the magic of craftsmanship and experience the true essence of Spanish heritage.
Perpetuating and redesigning traditional Spanish craftsmanship since 2021


Sustainability is everywhere in our CASA, because there is nothing more sustainable than what has been sustained over time, regenerating within society and the earth, and emerging from both.
Nothing is more respectful with our planet than what is locally born from hands that learned from their forebears and now carry the wisdom of entirecommunities.