Our Mallorcan Glass

Mallorca needs no introduction: its beautiful landscapes of sea, sand, and rock have been the setting to many dramatic scenes along with history. Now, locals are making the island a hub of artisan creation – using its privileged position as a touristic destination to promote the values of high-quality methods inspired by its rich mix of Mediterranean influences.

This collection is handmade with the technique of glass blowing. Using 100% recycled glass and natural mineral colorings, our artisans are proudly keeping alive a craft that dates back to the Roman occupation of the island.

Casa MariCruz’s artisans are well known in Mallorca for their introduction of experimental technologies that help them create a more diverse and versatile range. Our objective is to wield the amazing story and sensation of glass blowing for an uncommon contemporary design. The glasses and olive oil decanters that make up this collection are bold creations that capture the intensity of Mallorca’s light and beauty. Dressing your table with them will inundate the scene with an amazing personality, displaying the newest and most passionate expression of an age-old culture.