Casa Maricruz fabrics are composed purely of natural fibers (50% cotton, 50% linen), so before being washed they have a bit of a rigid and rough feel. This is perfectly normal. If you, like us, grew up in love with your grandmother’s fresh soft bed sheets, you should know they weren’t always so. It takes the right amount of washing, and the right amount of care. As you wash them, the natural fibers stretch and acquire flexibility and softness.
We recommend that the first wash is done with a natural detergent that is free of chemicals. Conditioners will often have loads of chemicals which can harden the linens, so we don’t recommend their use. In the first few washes you can also stretch the linens when they’re still wet out the wash to help break up the fibers and achieve a lovely softness.
For an even softer feel, there is an old trick involving bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar that we love: Chuck the fabric in the washing machine (30°C), adding a cup of bicarbonate instead of detergent. When the machine starts its rinsing phase, switch to colder water and add a cup of white vinegar. Hang them out to dry and then wash them again using natural detergent ;)