Our Galicia Collection

Fashioned from locally sourced Galician chestnut, these boards emanate the very soul of their origin, emerging from the verdant forests of Lugo. A meticulous natural drying process over 3 to 4 years imbues the wood with a captivating grain, aglow in its gentle hu. The hands of our artisan, Luis, shape these creations — an odyssey from inception to your table. With every stage, his touch bestows that intangible essence that renders each piece truly unique.

Yet, it’s the handles that truly infuse them with character, a fusion of tradition and contemporary finesse. Meticulously crafted and polished, these handles channel the spirit of a modernized heritage.

Feel them in your grasp - a tactile connection to generations of craftsmanship. The handles, expertly carved by Luis, epitomize the intersection of function and art. As you trace their contours, you trace the journey of dedication, bridging past and future.

More than kitchen tools, these are companions for solitary culinary adventures, harmonizing with jazz notes and clinking glasses. Equally,
they transform into instruments for the joy of homecoming, uniting with loved ones around a table.

As each piece becomes an integral part of your daily life, remember the hands that brought it to life, and the stories it carries within. These boards blend nature’s beauty and human ingenuity, embodying tradition, innovation, and your personal story. In your hands, their journey continues, adding depth to the moments you

Now, Casa Maricruz works with a true erudite of the craft to redesign the pieces to produce the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, using the same levels of care and detail to adapt to the modern table.