• Handmade

    Ceramics, glass, textiles... Objects of desire with a traditional touch to dress the table to the last. This is Casa Maricruz.

  • Back to the roots

    Pots like the ones from your grandmother's house or snacks that take you back in time. These are the pantry basics to rescue the most authentic traditions.

  • Foodies kings

    Dazzling tableware, 'deluxe' raw materials and irresistible gadgets: this is our gourmet wish list for the wise men from the East.

  • Mare Nostrum

    A balcony on the Costa Blanca, fresh flavors and table pieces that are pure sea. Take a 'deli' bath in the Mediterranean.

  • Live as before

    One of the strongest trends of this 2023 has been the 'craftcore', which, overcoming the fashion of the handmade, bets to turn our homes into temples of the traditional and the homes into temples of the traditional and the handmade.

  • Proud of what we do

    The design sector and associated industries are experiencing unprecedented growth in our country. We applaud it.