Our Huelva Collection

Emerging from Huelva's captivating landscapes in Andalusia, our ceramic tableware collection embodies the "cucharillas" technique. Named for "cucharillas," Spanish for "small spoons," this method delicately applies colors to ceramic surfaces using spoons, creating a marbled appearance reminiscent of elegant marble.

At its core is Jose, the last living practitioner of this technique. With seasoned hands and a deep-rooted connection to his craft, Jose safeguards this cherished tradition, preserving a legacy at risk of vanishing. Acquiring these pieces isn't just owning tableware; it's perpetuating a dying art, rescuing a heritage that's on the brink of extinction.

Each ceramic creation is a testament to Jose's expertise, meticulously shaped to mirror nature's beauty. As the torchbearer of this tradition, he ensures its continuation, crafting pieces that blend heritage and contemporary tastes.

Huelva, known for its vibrant culture, boasts culinary treasures like renowned Jabugo ham and Spain's finest prawns. Its stunning beaches and rich history create a backdrop as vibrant as our ceramic patterns. By weaving wisdom with sensibilities, our tableware captures tradition and innovation in each piece.