Our Granada Collection

Straight from the famous city of Granada, host to the spectacular Alhambra and some of the most enticing examples of the Arab influence in Spain, we bring a collection that paves the way for the revitalization of one of our country’s most famous industries.

In the more than 700 years that the Arabs ruled, the area became a melting pot of cultures and arts. With direct trade routes to cities like Damascus and Baghdad and drawing inspiration from the mixture of Roman and Persian legacies, Granada was exposed to a wealth of techniques that translated into an unprecedented sophistication of the region’s culture and crafts. Here lies the origin of this collection.

El Sacromonte, Granada, 1962

Now, Casa Maricruz works with a true erudite of the craft to redesign the pieces to produce the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, using the same levels of care and detail to adapt to the modern table.

Our artisan’s workshop, known for recreating the original design and quality that would’ve been enjoyed by the guests of the Sultan of Granada, are now experimenting with the newest technologies to pave a new future for the industry. We have created new colors and, for the first time in the history of these ceramics, we’ve replaced the shiny glaze with a modern matte look.

Casa Maricruz creates objects charged with the meaning and depth of a long-lasting tradition and with a  forward-looking vigor that hopes to define a new era.