Our Cáceres Collection

Handmade in a very personal style by father and son, our Cáceres collection draws from deeply traditions to present a colorful and vibrant selection of crockery for the everyday.

This region of Spain is known for its beautiful “dehesas”: extensive landscapes of Mediterranean forest dominated by the traditional cultures of pig breeding and ham curing. It is a humble place, where pottery draws its roots not from fanciful artists trying to impress the courts, but from a rustic tradition where artisans used to provide for the daily needs of peasants. 

Our artisan family creates from one of the last standing workshops in their village. The ceramics trade, they say, used to sustain most of the people who lived there – engaged either in the crafting or in the sourcing of the materials. They are the 5th generation of artisans in their family, breathing life into the methods and designs they’ve inherited. They work with the traditional potter’s kick-wheel, powering their craft with their own feet and thus achieving truly unique styles of inimitable originality. 

For our collection, we have worked with them to create 6 pieces reinterpreting the traditional “dibujo de mosca” (fly drawing), which is a true staple of the region. Enjoy these deeply rooted creations, reimagined to bring a flurry of color and expression to your table.