Our Valencia Collection

If you're familiar with “Fallas", you'll grasp why Valencia is the fiery heart of Spain, and why it serves as the birthplace of our newest handmade candle collection. Fallas is a traditional celebration in Valencia, marked by vibrant street festivals, parades, and the burning of intricate and elaborate sculptures known as "fallas." These sculptures are often satirical representations of political figures, celebrities, or current events, and they are meticulously crafted by local artists throughout the year to end up in flames.

In addition to the famous Fallas festival, Valencia is renowned for paella, its warm beaches, vibrant festivities, and, above all, its abundant sunshine that bathes everything in a golden glow. But beyond these iconic features, Valencia is also home to a rich tradition of artisan candle-making, spanning over a century.

The craft of artisanal waxwork was once a driving force in the region during the first half of the last century, boasting over 60 traditional candle workshops. Today, only five workshops remain, and Miguel and Maria Jose's is one of them. They represent the fourth generation of candle artisans in their family. Their great-grandparents began in the industry, producing candles for religious purposes such as churches, processions, and other religious events, and they continue to uphold the same techniques and artisanal methods passed down through generations.

Alongside them, we've designed our first lauch of artisanal candles: 6 Marbled Candles hechas para hipnotizarte. Made from natural soy wax, these candles are eco-friendly and safe for your home. Each one is handcrafted using traditional methods, with the final touch being the application of contemporary techniques to create mesmerizing, dreamy, and slightly psychedelic marble patterns that will transport you directly to the heart of Fallas, igniting your senses with the essence of Valencia's vibrant spirit, where centuries of craftsmanship meet contemporary artistry.