Sustainability is everywhere in our CASA, because there is nothing more sustainable than what has been sustained over time, regenerating within society and the earth, and emerging from both. Nothing is more respectful to our planet than what is locally born from hands that learned from their forebears and now carry the wisdom of entire communities.
Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just the materials we use; it’s embedded in our very ethos. We prioritize eco-friendly practices at every stage, from sourcing raw materials to the final touches on each product. By supporting local artisans, we not only preserve traditional crafts but also reduce our carbon footprint. Each piece tells a story of heritage, culture, and a deep respect for the environment.
We believe that sustainability is not a trend but a necessity, ensuring that future generations can enjoy the same beauty and resources we do.


Casa Maricruz is an intertwined with the cultural identity of Spain and bridge between new generations and a national network of artisans that tries to stay afloat in a market that challenges its traditional principles.
We enhace a constant dialogue between tradition and contemporaneity, and a platform that elevates and vindicates craftsmanship as a way of life, as aesthetics, as ethics and as part of the answers to many of today’s great challenges.
At Our Casa, we are delighted to showcase our exquisite collection of handmade Spanish traditional ceramics, glassware, wood, candles and linens. Immerse yourself in the magic of craftsmanship and experience the true essence of Spanish heritage.
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