Pieces contain their own vibrancy and, depending on their origin, in their shapes and materials we can read the traditions of entire peoples, and in their colors and designs we can find secret messages from old traditions. Objects, sometimes underrated, can turn our houses into landscapes of different emotions and memories, and that is what Casa Maricruz is trying to achieve. 


Casa Maricruz is a distinctly Mediterranean breeze, bringing to your home objects full of expression and memory. Invite our color and warmth into your favorite settings and be confident that your acquisition guarantees these traditions have a future as well as a past.

Sustainability, Longevity, and Circularity

Our collections observe the traditions that have governed Spanish artisanal methods for generations. Amongst them are key values that are now in vogue for being sustainable and handmade. 

  • Our materials are always locally sourced and carefully selected. 
  • The collections are built to last. We encourage everyday use and we are confident that our products will deliver an intergenerational experience (please refer to our how to take care section).
  • No such thing as waste. The practices we work with have developed resourceful techniques over millennia to live sustainably in their environments. 

We’ve been gathering the most exquisite and original pieces in ceramics, glass, and textiles, sourced from some of our favorite rural artisans all over Spain. We’ve traversed this beautiful country and met those who dare to continue in the age-old traditions of their predecessors by producing handcrafted goods with the same care and love that was taught to them. But while we were on the road, we were saddened to see that many of the ovens, looms and torches were turned off, never to be kindled again. Their values of quality materials, detailed handmade care, and a slow composition for a long life, are being replaced by the mass industrial commodity.

For this first stage, we’ve chosen functional objects to be used in our favorite spot: the table. Not just any table, but the Spanish table, famous worldwide – not only for the food spread across it but also for its people, its loudness, its music, and its passion. Tabletops and kitchen utensils were some of the first objects ever made by human hands, and with our first four collections, we want to reaffirm that the beauty of these objects resides not only in their aesthetic but also in their functionality.


All Casa Maricruz ceramics are microwave and dishwasher safe. However, microwaves and dishwashers expose the pieces to extreme temperatures that might eventually make them lose their shine and develop small cracks. 

This is nothing to be worried about – all ceramics and glass end up showing their age, but if you want to maintain its original look for longer, we recommend washing them by hand whenever you can. Consider that every piece is handmade and unique, and they deserve a long life of love and care.


As with our ceramics, our blown glass is microwave and dishwasher safe. However, as our glasses are made from recycled crystal and colored pigments, we do not recommend pouring extremely hot liquids directly into them, or washing them with high-temperature water, as this may crack them around the edge of the colored spots.

Table Linens

Casa MariCruz fabrics are composed purely of natural fibers (50% cotton, 50% linen) so before being washed they have a bit of a rigid and rough feel. This is perfectly normal. If you, like us, grew up in love with your grandmother’s fresh soft bed sheets, you should know they weren’t always so. It takes the right amount of washing, and the right amount of care. As you wash them, the natural fibers stretch and acquire flexibility and softness.

We recommend that the first wash is done with a natural detergent that is free of chemicals. Conditioners will often have loads of chemicals which can harden the linens, so we don’t recommend their use.

In the first few washes you can also stretch the linens when they’re still wet out the wash to help break up the fibers and achieve a lovely softness.

For an even softer feel, there is an old trick involving bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar. 

  1. Chuck the fabric in the washing machine (30°C), adding a cup of bicarbonate instead of detergent.
  2. When the machine starts its rinsing phase, switch to colder water and add a cup of white vinegar.
  3. Hang them out to dry and then wash them again using natural detergent.blown


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