Ceramics from Cáceres

Handmade in a very personal style by father and son, our Cáceres collection draws from deeply historic sources and traditions to present a colorful and vibrant selection of crockery for the everyday.

This region of Spain is known for its beautiful “dehesas”: extensive landscapes of Mediterranean forest dominated by the traditional cultures of pig breeding and ham curing. It is a humble place, where pottery draws its roots not from fanciful artists trying to impress the courts, but from a rustic tradition where artisans used to provide for the daily needs of peasants. 

Our artisan family creates from one of the last standing workshops in their village. The ceramics trade, they say, used to sustain most of the people who lived there – engaged either in the crafting or in the sourcing of the materials. They are the 5th generation of artisans in their family, breathing life into the methods and designs they’ve inherited. They work with the traditional potter’s kick-wheel, powering their craft with their own feet and thus achieving truly unique styles of inimitable originality. 

For our collection, we have worked together with father and son to create a selection of 6 pieces with which we hope to reintroduce this very special style to the world. They have reinterpreted the traditional “dibujo de mosca” (fly drawing), which is a true staple of the region. Enjoy these deeply rooted creations, reimagined to bring a flurry of color and expression to your table.

Ceramics from Granada

Straight from the famous city of Granada, host to the spectacular Alhambra and some of the most enticing examples of the Arab influence in Spain, we bring a collection that paves the way for the revitalization of one of our country’s most famous industries.

In the more than 700 years that the Arabs ruled, the area became a melting pot of cultures and arts. With direct trade routes to cities like Damascus and Baghdad and drawing inspiration from the mixture of Roman and Persian legacies, Granada was exposed to a wealth of techniques that translated into an unprecedented sophistication of the region’s culture and crafts. Here lies the origin of this collection.

Now, Casa Maricruz works with a true erudite of the craft to redesign the pieces to produce the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, using the same levels of care and detail to adapt to the modern table. Our artisan’s workshop, known for recreating the original design and quality that would’ve been enjoyed by the guests of the Sultan of Granada, are now experimenting with the newest technologies to pave a new future for the industry. We have created new colors and, for the first time in the history of these ceramics, we’ve replaced the shiny glaze with a modern matte look. Casa Maricruz creates objects charged with the meaning and depth of a long-lasting tradition and with a  forward-looking vigor that hopes to define a new era.

Glass from Majorca 

Mallorca needs no introduction: its beautiful landscapes of sea, sand, and rock have been the setting to many dramatic scenes along with history. Now, its local population defies expectations by continuing to be culturally innovative and making the island a hub of artisan creation – using its privileged position as a global touristic destination to promote the values of high-quality methods inspired by its rich mix of Mediterranean influences and traditions.

This collection is handmade with the all-impressive technique of glass blowing. Using 100% recycled glass and natural mineral colorings, our artisans are proudly keeping alive a craft that dates back to the Roman occupation of the island.

Every piece is blown, twisted, and shaped in a matter of minutes while the glass is hot enough to be molded. It results in unique objects, each with its own story to tell. 

Casa MariCruz’s artisans are well known in Mallorca for their introduction of experimental technologies that help them create a more diverse and versatile range. Our objective is to wield the amazing story and sensation of glass blowing for an uncommon contemporary design. The glasses and olive oil decanters that make up this collection are bold creations that capture the intensity of Mallorca’s light and beauty. Dressing your table with them will inundate the scene with an amazing personality, displaying the newest and most passionate expression of an age-old culture.

Linens from Majorca 

The story of the Majorcan linens spans through two different continents, and tells the tale of an island that has throughout history benefited from its position in the middle of the Mediterranean, acting as a meeting place of different cultures and traditions. This characteristic method, said to have developed independently in different regions of Asia like Indonesia and Northern India, was shared along the Silk Road and in the 15th Century arrived in Majorca. For countless generations since the local Balearic artisans have adapted the style into the sun-soaked colors that bring out the essence and energy of Mediterranean living.

Majorca’s insularity and the personality and drive of its artisans have led to the development of a truly original style. The process is beautiful as well as very laborious. The cotton and linen are dyed by hand, with some parts being left uncolored, and then dried out in the sun. They are then placed in the weaving loom, where the “tongues” of color create beautiful abstract patterns. 

To us, this collection represents not only the skill and creativity of our artisans but also a story about the meeting of civilizations, the spread of ancient arts, and how we are all connected by a similar search for beauty. We can only hope this collection will bear witness to the emotions that you share across the dining table, that these will be used to wipe tears of laughter or the subtle remains of delicious meals.


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